Catfishing forums offer a great opportunity for anglers to get together online and share ideas. Swap fish stories, equipment reviews, or recommendations. They encourage both the new anglers and seasoned catfishing veterans to share information. Catfishing forums are as varied as the individual members are. Some catfishing forums are for pro anglers, others for rookies looking for basic information and tips, and any mixture of expertise in between. You cannot beat the variety of experience, techniques, and tips you have access to when you join a catfishing forum or two. Catfishing forums allow you to collect information on new locations and plan a fishing trip all from the comfort of home. As you meet and make new friends, you may find a guide or fishing partner for a new lake or river. Use information gleaned from forum discussions to add to your list of fishing spots to explore or discover new catfishing hotspots throughout the country. The following is a brief look at ten catfishing forums in no certain order. Just as everyone has, an opinion on what the top ten catfishing tips may be, or the top ten best sweet spots to catch big cats, your top ten catfishing forums may differ. Variety is the spice of life and variety is what makes catfishing such an exciting sport. Still, I bet at least a few of your favorites are here and who knows? – You may find a new catfishing forum to explore. If you know of some more good catfishing forums use the Contact page to let me know about them.

Twisted Cat Outdoors – Twisted Cat Outdoors gets points for a clean look and feel and easy navigation! This is a popular catfishing forum for everyone interested in comparing notes, showing off pictures or picking up a few catfishing tips in their quest for a trophy cat. Individual forums to discuss Flatheads, Blues, Channel catfish or other specific types of catfish are all easy to find and access here. You are sure to find information relevant to your part of the country and type of cat you are targeting.

Twisted Cat Outdoors Catfishing Forum

Master Catters 2 – Looking to touch base with catfishing buddies? Are you involved in tournaments this year? Check out their catfish tournament series threads to see who is bringing home the prizes. Perhaps, you are looking for a fishing partner or specific information regarding equipment, fishing tips, or catfishing activities in your area. With members who have decades of experience behind them, the MasterCatters forum has members ready to help you find answers or give you advice on how to catch your next monster catfish!

Master Catters 2 Catfishing Forum

CatfishingPro.Com – CatfishingPro forums give you plenty of opportunitys to get involved. There is a 2012 Catfishing Challenge forum where you can post your catfish pictures and details of how your fish was caught will be featured and entered into a drawing at the end of the year for an awesome prize! In addition to having your chance to shine, you will find tips, tricks, and technical info abounds in these forums. A chat is also available. This site is open to all catfishermen (and women) from novice to pro.

Catfishing Pro Forum

Cabela’s Catfish Forum – Cabela’s King Kat events are popular tournaments, you may not realize that Cabela’s also has a catfishing forum. There are forums posting tournament information and results. Confer with pro anglers here and compare tips and techniques to help you catch a monster cat on the tournament trail or just in your local favorite hiding hole. You are sure to find a discussion or two of interest here.

CatFishingTV –CatfishingTV is considered by some to be an up and coming catfish forum site. All about fishing, the anglers that make up membership here may not be big in numbers, but they have endless enthusiasm and passion for catfishing. The easily share tips, photos, and help to promote the sport of catfishing wherever they get an opportunity to do so!
Catfish Nation – The Catfish Nation is a group of men and women enthusiastic about anything involving the great outdoors. Catfishing is a large part of their passion and they find ways to include it in many of their activities including catfishing forums! Catfishing Nation also supports Wounded Warrior events, tournaments and other seasonal activities. Register to join their forums and get ready to get involved.
Catfish Freaks – Catfish Freaks mixes plenty of fun with technical info, catfishing tips, giveaways, contests. That next big cat you land could win you a spot in their Catfish Hall of Fame. Equipment swaps, water and lake tables, lunar calendar, and more are all information you can find on this site for freaky anglers…or catfish freaks!
CatFishGods – Catfishing news and announcements to finding partners, products, or photos, CatFishGods has a forum to help you find answers, share your expertise, or do a bit of hard-won bragging. Are you looking for a technique or tactic to land a specific type of catfish? Do you fish from the banks or a boat? There are even individual forum threads to share tips from both perspectives.

United States Catfish Association – This is perhaps the largest catfishing forum in the USA. Within the United States Catfish Association forums, you can find discussions covering everything related to catfishing. Forums include general discussions, fishing reports, catfish guides, buying and selling equipment, catfish tournament information, state catfish reports and information and much more. United States Catfish Association includes new anglers, seasoned veterans, and pro anglers from across the country. I have had several problems with login on this club and no response from their moderators.

Catfish Academy – Come on in and join this school of enthusiastic catfishermen dedicated to passing along their passion for catfishing to as many people as possible. Join in the active forum discussions and consider Catfish Academy Camp 2012 this summer (info on their website). Videos, discussions, contests and giveaways are all part of the Catfish Academy forum discussions.

If you have a Catfishing Forum you would like added to our site please go to the contact page and send me your information. If it takes me a few days to get back to you don’t worry I will. I am probably Gone Fishin’ for a few days is all!   Gary “ Gone Fishin” Turner